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Since 2008, Uriel Solar has filed fundamental patents, hired exceptional material scientists, and in November 2009 established a development facility in the Thousand Oaks, California area. After several years of research, the company is in the final development stage of their advanced “3rd generation” technology. This technology, the “Hybrid Tandem” solar cell represents a new direction in thin film photovoltaics. Completion of the Hybrid Tandem demonstration is expected in late 2017/early 2018.

Uriel Solar was awarded a $700,000 grant from the Shell GameChanger program in 2017. The award represents a significant milestone and vote of confidence in the capability of the advanced solar technology. The Shell GameChanger program “identifies and nurtures unproven ideas from innovators around the world – ideas with the potential to make a huge difference to the energy future.” A team of dedicated Shell technical and scientific experts that included solar PV industry specialists performed extensive due diligence on the Uriel Solar technology. Additionally, Shell Venture Technologies, the larger funding of arm of Shell, is interested in the commercialization of the technology and is providing input to the grant, which is not common at this stage. Shell Venture Technology is interested in potentially providing the larger follow-on commercialization financial support need to bring this game changing technology to market.

Uriel Solar has a large spectrum of private and professional investors ranging from business men and women, lawyers, investment groups, and scientists.

Investors interested in Uriel Solar are welcome to inquire. Uriel Solar offers an opportunity to institutional as well as private investors.


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